Thursday, January 31, 2008

feb 1 the sydney airport

There are free internet kiosks at the sydney airport. The sydney airport is a pretty nice airport to be stuck at for 8 hours. I am sure there are people waiting to use the computer. I had Wagamama's for brunch. Wagamama's is a noodle place I used to eat at all the time in London. I have been wanting to eat there again for 9 years. That is a long time to want some ramen and fruit juice. But it was well worth my $18.50. Airport food is expensive. The vietnam airport was all new but there was not much to do while waiting for the plane. Although strangley the bathrooms were cleaner at the ho chi minh city airport than in Sydney.
 I don't think I am going to be able to watch the superbowl at all. I think it starts at noon new zealand time monday. My tour starts monday afternoon. Oh well. I will be rooting for the pats anyway. 18 hour time difference is a bit much.
My last day in vietnam was uneventful. Ben and I went to the Ho Chi Minh City museum. The Museum was not very good. But it was only 1 usd. the building was nice. the exhibits were not. oh well. I have now fled that country. I will be in new zealand soon. No more taking my life in my hands when I cross the street. although the cars will be coming from the other way.
ok there really is a line to use the computer. keep reading.

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