Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fire in the sky

Sunsets 1

Frasier Island sunset

a lighthouse, chocolate and a croc

Byron Bay Lighthouse
Byron Bay lighthouse in the rain thru a window
Aisle o' chocolate. Australians love their chocolate. This is an aisle at the grocery store.
Crocodile on a stick. It didn't really taste like chicken more like lobster.
Me holding a baby croc. Yes its mouth is taped shut for a reason.


This is the best hot chocolate ever. In Brisbane they give you a little jug of warm whole milk and a glass of chocolate shavings. Mix and enjoy!
Susie mixes the best hot chocolate ever.
Because the best hot chocolate ever wasn't enough, I also had a piece of cheese cake. Tasty!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

byron bay surf 2

Byron Bay surfing

At the end of my trip I learned to surf. Below are a couple of photos from my third surf lesson. I surfed in 3 different locations Byron Bay is in the photos.

more cairns

Downtown Cairns

    Green Island

The Reef

Me in my stinger suit at the Reef. In March at the reef there are jellyfish and stingers. Hence the suit that makes me look like The Tick.
Look fish. There was an underwater viewing area. So you didn't even have to get wet to see fish.
Look coral. There was a semi submersible that took you around the reef so you could see more of the reef.

Post for Treeger

All the photos on this post are from Cairns. That is where the Great Barrier Reef is. It rained every day I was in Cairns. It didn't rain all day but it rained part of every day. 
From the top: Child chooses an avocado at Rusty's Market. 
View of the pool at the Cairns Colonial Club Resort. (the "resort" was super ghetto)
A man weaves a wicker basket on a street in Cairns where he sells his wares.
Gift Shop in Cairns. Kangaroos even need umbrellas.
Native Show.
Me in my room at the ghetto resort before the tour started.