Friday, January 18, 2008

day 2 jan 19

It is really hot here. I am all sticky. I just wanted to share. It was hot and humid at 8:30am. anyway enough about the weather. There was sightseeing to be done this morning. We took a cab to the tourist section of Ho Chi Minh City. The city is being decorated for New Years. So there are tons of red lanters, yellow birds (I don't know what kind) and dragons lining the streets. Lunar New Year you know? I bought a tour for tomorrow. My sister in-law and I are not getting along. (big surprise, sense the sarcasm) So the less time I have to spend with her the better. I will tell you all about tomorrows tour after the tour. Today we saw the Post Office, the outside of Notre Dame cathedral (yes like the one in Paris but not on the river), the reunification palace, city hall, and the big market. Crossing the street is really an art form. You walk slow so that the cars and motorbikes can swerve around you. They dont stop. Again sorry there are no photos to accompany this entry. use your imagination it will be better anyway.
I have been eating so much food I would normal not eat. Mainly pork. But a girl has to eat. The food is spicy. The food is good though. I am so hopped up on caffeine. Too much coffee and Coke.
I had a very non tourist trip yesterday. I met my sister-on-laws niece. She was born 4 days ago. Mom and baby were still in the hospital. So I went to a communist hospital. I will never think that hospital conditions in the US are bad again. Thuy's sister in law had her own room only because both families are well connected and know people. Normally thuy was saying there could be up to ten people in the room she was in. I am not sure how that was possible unless they start stacking the beds and there was no room to walk around. The baby was very cute and seemed to have all her limbs.
This seems to have gotten away from me. I am done babbling. Thanks for reading. More to come. Marla

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J said...

Crazy stuff. You know your D200 could capture the vibrant red lanterns beautifully. It would make a wonderful photo for your 2009 calendar for the month of January. ; ) Stay safe, Jess