Thursday, September 11, 2008

animals 2

Parrot at the hotel in the Whitsundays

Koala at the Australia Zoo

Kangaroo in the coolest animal enclosure in the world "Roo Heaven" at the Australia Zoo. 


A crocodile is fed during the crocodile show at the Australia Zoo.  AKA the Steve Irwin Zoo

Giraffe  eats lunch at the Taronga zoo in Sydney. These giraffes have the best view in the world. That is the Opera House in the background. 
A wallaby hanging out at the hotel on Long Island in the Whitsundays.

scenic australia

Sydney Opera House

Harbor Bridge, Sydney

Maroochydore Sunset

Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island

Shipwreck on Fraser Island

Because I finally looked at a couple of the cards.

It really was like Finding Nemo at the Great Barrier Reef. These pictures were taken from a boat like they used to have on the 20,000 leagues under the sea ride at Disney. But the reef is real. 

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Apparently I am not all doom and gloom. 74% was the percentage of time Kailey said I smile. That does seem a bit high. But it makes me smile anyway. I was feeling fragile the other day. So I changed my status on Facebook to Marla is in need of a hug. The next day I got a message from a friend I hadn't heard from in years who also commented on smiling.
I feel the need to share said message and photo:
I am sending a hug across the internet. Love your profile pic by the way. Hope this finds you smiling (that is how I always remember you).
The photo is of me frolicking in the Shire in New Zealand.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Post for Jessica

I still have not gone thru my photos from my grand adventure. So these will have to do. These are what are on my computer. Jessica wanted me to update the blog. Ask and ye shall receive.

Fiji Sunsets

Me snorkeling at the reef, stinger suit and all. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fire in the sky

Sunsets 1

Frasier Island sunset

a lighthouse, chocolate and a croc

Byron Bay Lighthouse
Byron Bay lighthouse in the rain thru a window
Aisle o' chocolate. Australians love their chocolate. This is an aisle at the grocery store.
Crocodile on a stick. It didn't really taste like chicken more like lobster.
Me holding a baby croc. Yes its mouth is taped shut for a reason.


This is the best hot chocolate ever. In Brisbane they give you a little jug of warm whole milk and a glass of chocolate shavings. Mix and enjoy!
Susie mixes the best hot chocolate ever.
Because the best hot chocolate ever wasn't enough, I also had a piece of cheese cake. Tasty!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

byron bay surf 2

Byron Bay surfing

At the end of my trip I learned to surf. Below are a couple of photos from my third surf lesson. I surfed in 3 different locations Byron Bay is in the photos.

more cairns

Downtown Cairns

    Green Island