Saturday, February 2, 2008

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I arrived in Christchurch New Zealand at 10 pm on Feb 1. My luggage decided that it wanted to stay in Sydney. I am angry at my luggage. I know the airport was nice in Sydney but come on. So after filling out the paper work and sufficiantly making a scene I sans luggage went thru customs. I called the baggage claims number to see if they could give me any sort of compensation for their neglect. They said I would have to wait 24 hours. I responded "I have been wearing the same clothes for three days. I smell like Vietnam and Vietnam smells like shit" The poor customer service rep who was working friday night at 11:30pm said that the company could only authorize $40 australian after 24 hours. He was not really helpful. But really what could he do. So my first impressions of New Zealand are not good. Kailey thankfully was at the hostel to laugh at my dilema. At that point I could laugh at my dilema too. I was too tired to do much else. 

  So today Feb 2 Kailey and I went out on the town. Christchurch is a weird english like town that reminds me of the ski towns in northern Michigan. You know like those seasonal towns that are crowded in summer and school breaks where no one really lives. Being a Saturday in the Summer (yes souther hemisphere it is summer. It is past 9 and it is just getting dark now.) there were lots of street performers and random little art fairs around town. Just across from the hostel there was a man playing a fiddle with a puppet that also played the fiddle. The string was attached to the foot that he kept time with. Anyway.

We had coffee at a cafe called the Bathroom Cafe. We had coffee while sitting on a toilet. I am serious. there was a toilet paper roll for napkins. Granted we could have gone to Starbucks. there are a lot of Starbucks. But we had coffee on a toilet.

I have to leave the room now. I have to go out. I am still fuming about the bag situation. More soon. If you want to read about todays activities read Kailey's post at

I will update with photos later.

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sternobob said...

"I smell like Vietnam and Vietnam smells like shit" Funny stuff, Marla!

I hope you got pictures of the Bathroom Cafe. That's a hoot!

New Zealand must feel like another planet after Vietnam. Two different worlds.