Saturday, January 26, 2008

jan 26

Today my brother came in. The morning consisted of waiting for him at the airport. It was an eventful drive to get to the airport. There was a lot of traffice. Not a big surprise since there is always lots of traffic even at 9:45 on a Saturday morning. Our taxi drive took a lot of side streets and alleys. So on the way I saw dog being sold on the side of the road like beef. I thought they were pigs. But thuys mom assured me no they were dog. They were little dogs too. I am not sure how I feel about that. I don't have the cords for the camera or my card reader with me at the house so I can't post photos although it would be a perfect time to do so. We are going to dinner soon. Well we are leaving to go to dinner soon. SO I don't really have time to get them. Yes you needed to know that.
I have had to switch rooms at the hotel since my brother came in. Now I am in a windowless room that smells like terpentine. It seems to be a little quieter since it isn't on the street. I guess I will find out tonight. I am ready to leave this country. Only 5 more days.

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