Thursday, January 24, 2008

jan 24

Today I did a city tour. The wireless keeps going out so this is going to be short. It was a long day. It we an all day tor. It started with the war rememants museum. It is a wonder the Vietnamese don't hate Americans. Apparently we" the us soldiers from 68-75" indesciminately killed everyone. Women children old people forests. The museum was very interesting. Also it cost 1dollar American. There were 12 people on the tour. There were some French canadiens, swedes, two asian families from the states but it seemed that English was not their first language. The ages ranged as well two college guys, the swedes were late twenties as a guess, and 6 people intheir 50-60s. We went to a pagoda with giant statues. Not just at the alter they were everywhere. The pagoda was very ornate no one was praying today while we were their. Maybe too many tourists.
A side note Yes I heard Heath Ledger died. Drug overdose I read. I clearly have the Internet. I watched tennis today. Australian open mens semi. Nadal lost big. I watched random soccer at lunch man united beat some English premier league team. Sportscenter last night was the strangest sportscenter ever. There was not one mention of the super bowl, steroids, basketball, baseball or even hockey. The only American even mentioned was tiger woods. There was lots of tennis and soccer.
I am really tired. It was a long day. More babble tomorrow. Enjoy the randomness. Wait one more thing. This morning on the way to the tour I took a taxi. I don't think the driver started the meter because it was only 16,500 when yesterday the same taxi ride in a cheaper cab was 19,500. Which if you are doing the math at home it is about $1.50. It is 15,000 dong to the dollar. Ok that is really all.

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