Friday, January 25, 2008

jan 25

The power goes out every night at the hotel just after 10pm. It is just one of the fun parts of Vietnam. It just came back on. The power wasn't out very long tonight. Which is good. The Internet also went right back on the longer the power is out the longer it takes for the wireless to come back on. I am all about the sharing.
Today I did something super exciting! I bought cheap shoes. Woo hooo! They are brown puma's. They maybe knockoffs. They are good knock offs and they were only 12 dollars. Although I was told I could have gotten them cheaper. But 12 dollars is a great price in my mind. We went to this fun mall type market place. I ended up getting the shoes on the street but the mall had everything. It was kinda like a real nice flea market. It wasn't very touristey I only saw one other white person there.
After shopping was lunch. The oranges here are green . Well the outside is. The inside looks and tastes the same. The oranges we got were super juicy. They are quality fruit.
again I am sorry there are no photos. I can't send photos from the iPod touch. Soon there will be photos. I added captions to the few phots I did post. Enjoy the babble. More soon. Keep reading.

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R. A. DePalma said...

Hey Marla,

It sounds like you are having fun. I'm enjoying reading your blog. We think the same. I finally bought new shoes too! I got two pairs of New Balance sneakers buy one get one free! They cost more than 12 dollars but 2 pair for $40 is a really good deal in Berkeley.

Peace & Love,