Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feb 6 6'8"

I did finally get my bag. It turned up at the hotel on Feb 3. The airline didn't know it was there but when I went to airport to see if I could just collect it myself the gate agent knew exactly where my bag was.  Sadly I could not check in to the hotel until 3 in the afteroon. Anyway. I have "clean" clothes. 

My New Zealand tour started in the rain. It is a large group 47 people. The tour manager is a 6'8" Aussie named Ollie. I am facinated by his size. I want to perch a top him like Marcia Warfield wanted to climb Magic Johnson. 

I went Bungee Jumping today. I am too old I decided. I am going to be sore for days from the 43 meter fall. I have never been so glad I didn't eat lunch in my life. 

This unfortunately going to be short. I am going to attach a photo. This is the Calise in Christchurch. Since I have internet here I will write more later. I know I keep writing that. Keep reading. I will keep writing. 

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