Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Feb 7 Hugh Jackman

Kailey on the toilet at the bathroom cafe in Christchurch New Zealand. 

Saw Hugh Jackman running thru the woods today in full Wolverine costume. Apparently he is shooting a movie of the same name as the x-men character. New Zealand is doubling as canada. I went on a tour of the National Park where Lord of the Rings was filmed. Many films are made there. Wolverine is just the latest one. So that was the highlight of the day. 

I didn't sleep much last night. I was up playing pool all night with two boys. Age 19 and 21. We were having very inappropriate conversation for people who have just met. At 4am I realized these two boys might not know my name so I introduced myself. They didn't know my name. Not that should be a big surprise. So for hours of learning way too much about me they finally knew my name. So I had 45 minutes of sleep before my encounter with hugh jackman. I was not at my best. We were in a van it was much like being at a theme park seeing him. He was outside the window. It was like seeing a lion at the San Diego Zoo. Although Hugh Jackman is mch better looking. But I digress. 

I have to go to dinner and prepare for tonights activities. more babble soon.

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samax said...

i hope he was making a GOOD movie! wolverine is coool!
yes, i'm a nerd...