Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Photo Job or For Mrs. Robertson

    One year ago I was in New Zealand. Tonight I shot my first photo assignment since being laid off from the newspaper in Sept. of 2007. The shoot went really well. Thankfully. I had a very detailed photo assignment sheet. The most detailed photo assignment sheet I have ever gotten. I still had questions though being the first time I worked for this publication. My main concern involved how I would actually get the photos to them. Today I was given an email and an FTP site. It wasn't until I was already at the shoot did I get the username and password for the FTP site but I had it when I needed it. Since it had been so long since I had done a photo assignment it took me forever to write cutlines. It also didn't help that I turned in 24 photos. They told me to turn in as many as I wanted. They can pick. Well I guess if I had counted up how many they had specified on the assignment sheet I would have turned in 17. So I turned in 7 extra. I spent an hour shooting and two and half hours cropping, toning and writing cutlines. I putzed around a little bit too much on the some of the photos that I ended up not even using. I was getting too fancy with Photoshop. I decided against it. So what I turned it had minimal Photoshop fun. Hopefully they will use me again. I have facebook to thank for getting me the job. I would never have found the girl I went to high school with who happens to be an editor at the publication without facebook. The work was easy. I didn't have to wear an insanely ugly green shirt to do it. People actually wanted their photos taken. No one gave me the excuse that they were in the witness protection program as why they couldn't have their photo taken. So on a whole it was a good night. So I have babbled enough for now. The photos that I shot should be able to be seen on the web at http://www.stylelinemag.com by Thursday. Look for photos with a Shopaholic label. Thanks for reading.

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