Wednesday, March 26, 2008

march 28 Maroochydore

I am sick of Australia. It is an expensive version of the states. I am over spending $4 for a Coke. I am complaining sitting in an internet cafe looking at the ocean. yeah the weather is great even when it is raining. The people are nice for the most part unless they are in the service industry. The phone company isn't open on weekends or public holidays. Which is really convient when you get 5 days off for easter. And that is when my mobile phone decides to stop working.
So here I am bitching in my bathing suit and shorts after my walk on the beach. I have a little less than a month until I go home. Sadly I am counting the days. Not like I have anything to go home to. I am still unemployed. I will go back to living with my parents. Woo hoo. fun fun fun.
What the hell is with the malls in Australia having bankers hours? Really the mall closes at 5:30. Why would I make that up. There is also no wireless. They sell the computers and phones and such but you can't use them. I saw a $15 movie yesterday. It wasn't that good. But it gave me something to do. I was homeless. I couldn't find a suitable place to stay in Brisbane so I had to come to Maroochydore a day early. Just what I wanted to do. Get back on a bus.
I am complaining but I really am having a lot of fun. The reef is the coolest place on earth. Even in the rain it is amazing. Go see it before it disappears.
I heard the dumbest thing ever on monday. A girl on my last tour decided she wasn't going to take a surf lesson because "I know how to snowboard, so I will teach myself to surf" her words. I just turned to her and said "that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard"and laughed for about 15 minutes. I clearly won't be keeping in touch with her. She is an elementary school teacher. If I had kids I wouldn't want her to teach them.
Australians need their own culture. There is nothing truely Australian. We stayed at a farm the last night of my part of the tour. We Square Danced. The caller called it something else. But I know a square dance when I see one. If it weren't for the kangaroos I would have thought I was back in Texas. And that is not a good place to be.
I am just pissing myself off.
I am going to enjoy the ocean.


msshell said...
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msshell said...

Hey Marla - i just read your entire blog and was cracking up. I love how cynical you are, its so funny. You're just keeping it real. Just cause you're traveling doesn't mean every day is going to be wine and roses. I found that there are some parts of my traveling that I enjoy thinking about after the fact more than when I was experiencing them! Safe travels! -Michelle Tsai